Bottling Components

Bottling plants consist of a vast number of small, fast moving, intricate parts that are common only to that particular unit and are difficult to obtain.

We stock standard parts (eg. o/rings, seals) and we have access to a large range of hard wearing materials that allow us to machine\manufacture non standard parts for your specific requirements.

We also supply and manufacture the following:

  • BSM O-rings
  • Tri-clover seals
  • Filtration seals
  • Racking seals
  • Filling bowl seals
  • Press seals
  • Air seal kits
  • Pneumatic cylinder kits
  • CIP seal sets
  • Square door seals
  • Marc door seals
  • Must door seals
  • Rotary fermenter seals
  • Machined plastic parts
  • Machined rubber parts
  • Rotary sieve scrapers
  • Bottle labeller pads
  • Suction cups
  • Filter membranes
  • Pick & place membrane cups

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